Sunday, June 15, 2014

Blue & White are perfection ( In my humble opinion )

There's nothing like it ( in my humble opinion ) especially in an old cottage-y type of house
( where this is an alternative to changing out the floors completely )

What an unbelievable before and after ( in my humble opinion )

The other half of the floor is not done yet - because it's taking 2 coats of Zinzer primer prior to painting and then I do 3 coats of Behr's Floor paint..................I work on a half at a time always ( or if the floor is bigger
3 or 4 sections ) just so that I can hop over on to one side to continue working on other things in the room.
It's the best way to do it - in my humble opinion.

And while that's drying - I can work on this

Which fits perfectly into the nook above - and will look so much better in white
( in my humble opinion )

I've been online looking for blue and white buffalo check or gingham wallpaper - for one wall because that would just tie all of the " country " bedroom look together ( but that's just my humble opinion )

Blue and white just never get old - do they?

Or is that just my ( humble ) opinion ?

Oh and this will be put in the room - can't wait - it's been shoved in a corner of another unfinished room since we moved here - the legs kind of, sort of match the dresser !  You can see the transformation HERE

It'll need a fresh coat of paint because it's been banged around a little
And we'll be picking up this headboard tomorrow - which will also be painted white
It's a double because a queen is just too big for this teeny tiny guest room but aren't the curves pretty?
This one's a " KEEPER " - because it's just so perfect :)
Thanks Fany ♥

Have a day filled with blue skies..................and fluffy white clouds -

Much love,
Your humble servant

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  1. Love the blue and white! I think the furniture pieces are darling and I am really looking forward to seeing this room when it is all finished. Have you thought about using fabric as wallpaper? Liquid starch and fabric - easy to put up and really easy to take down if you decide you want a change!

  2. It looks fantastic in my humble opinion. If you can't find the wall paper you can easily design it and have it made for you at, in my humble opinion, pretty decent price. Let me know if you're interested. :)

  3. This room is going to be absolutely gorgeous (in my humble opinion!!:) I am looking forward to the reveal, the furniture pieces are beautiful

  4. The Monday morning sky is nothing but blue today Suzan. I love the pretty blue of this room. It almost has a soft lavender to it. The blue with the white floors and trim, and the white furniture will be so pretty! Can't wait to see the completion. Have a great day.

  5. Love your blue and white mentality. I used to have blue and white gingham wallpaper in my youngest daughter's nursery. I thought she was going to be a boy. Ha! But decided that blue and white for a little girl's room was quite pretty......just my humble opinion.

  6. Pretty! I love that linen armoire. I love blue and white.

  7. In my humble opinion, you are doing a great job...making a silk purse out of a sow's ear---or a home out of a house. Love the blue and white and , in my humble opinion, I think it looks great! xo Diana

  8. beautiful, so fresh and clean looking, you have worked your magic,

  9. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, love that dresser with the linens in it!! So gorgeous. And I agree about blue and white, as long as it's a pale, pale blue. So peaceful and clean. (I really need to do a total redo of my house!)

  10. I can't wait to stay in my guest room. Are you getting the pug pillow also?

  11. I have blue and white everywhere. It makes me smile. Hubby and I painted the whole kitchen/living/dining (open concept) a few years back in a pretty blue. After the first coat I could not believe my eyes, it was a lavender colour. I was so disappointed. Then it dried.... LOL. Love your blue and white.

  12. It's going to look so pretty! I second the idea of using fabric on the wall.

  13. I love blue and white together...I just know the room is going to be beautiful.
    We had very dark blue storm clouds here just a little while ago, but thankfully it has moved on past us now. Maybe the rest of the day here will be filled with blue skies and fluffy white clouds...I'm wishing so!!

  14. This is going to be such a gorgeous room. Love both pieces!!!


  15. Soooo in love with the blue, it is gorgeous, you must give us the name. Love, love, love it! And the furniture, I am screaming mad for it - hearts desire. I so want a cabinet like that for the bathroom, if I can make it fit. Did you do the white on the floor too, or is it a light grey. Dying for paint colours, please. Patty/NS

  16. In my humble opinion blue and white is perfection. xo Laura

  17. Blue and white is so classic...the floor looks great and so does that fabulous dresser you are painting!...such great detail on that piece!...You certainly have been busy!

  18. You are such a trooper! Stripping that floor was a labor of love, but it has definitely paid off!! I am in love with your armoire...IN LOVE with it. Amazing.

  19. Thanks Suzan for showing/info on doing your floor!! I will be doing the same VERY same thing soon to an attic bedroom in the cottage. Do you use a latex primer and paint or oil-based/enamel for the floor......that has been a hard decision for me. I agree, old floors in old houses sometimes look better painted. And I'm in love with the piece holding your linens~~~~PERFECT~~~~Blessings~~~Roxie

  20. Love what you are doing with the floor and the colors are perfect… can't wait to see it done…which I know will be great!

  21. Blue and white is so classic and timeless. Love it! That linen armoire is perfection... in my humble opinion.

  22. We once had a blue and white was so peaceful! In my humble opinion, you are way too humble! Everything looks gawgeous...and that armoire? I'm in love!

  23. Looks great! You are braver than I, I’d be way to worried about a white floor. Looks really good though. The pug pillow is adorable btw.

    1. I had to scroll up to see what you were talking about Manda with the pug pillow!
      That's not mine - that's the seller's photo LOL - I agree it's great though
      I was more worried about the cost of replacing all the upstairs floors to be honest with you - paint seemed the easiest solution :)

  24. Blue and white = love (IMHO)! We are redoing our only bathroom in our cottage-y traditional home. I; about to paint the ceiling a light blue with white walls with white beadboard below. The shower is tiled in the smaller sized subway tiles, in white. The floor is a black and white basket weave tile. I'd be interested to know what paint color you selected and from which mfg. Love the white painted floors. I'm not that brave, probably not too bad of an option for a bedroom. Our living room pieces are all upholstered in coordinating light blue French Provincial fabrics. WE have good taste, IMHO.

  25. Blue and white are my favorite combo... our bedroom and bath are blue and white and your picture looks pretty close to our color - ours is a gray blue - I love it... I love how your guest room is coming together and can't wait to see the finished room.... beautiful Suzan....

  26. Who doesn't love a pretty blue and white room??! I used to have a bedroom with those colors and a little peach thrown in (very '80's'). The armoire is fabulous and full of such beautiful detail. Once this room comes together, I would love an invitation to stay the night ;).

  27. Hey girl, I painted my bedroom, bath and kitchen blue... Great minds ;) in my humble opinion of course.

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