Thursday, July 31, 2014

Willow Tree Love....................

Good morning everyone !

I pulled out one of my willow trees figurines to put in the small guest room ( to remind the little ones that must still say their prayers even when they're at a sleepover at Lolli & Pop's! )

and it reminded me that I haven't unpacked my collection yet

I have some that represent my kids ( and that I sometimes use as place settings ) these ones, are in fact, unpacked and sit on my end table beside my bed ) these must always be my bed - even if I end up in a home one day - not remembering anything at all - these MUST sit by my bed.............

it felt like Christmas last night opening all of these up again

I love them all - even the ones with missing limbs ( which are in a jewellery box waiting to be glued back on

They were all gifts and hold a special place in my memories and my heart and it all started with this one - given to me by a sister of the heart

I've given many many of them as gifts as well - for baby showers - Christmas gifts or just because

Stay tuned - I just ordered another very special one .....................she's inscribed " Grateful "
Can you guess what it's for?

Have a beautiful day all
Much love,