Monday, September 15, 2014

Bergere Chairs !!!

Good morning everyone -

If any of you saw my post on Saturday ( my sneaky little post that I just threw in there - I don't normally post on weekends )
You know that I bought 2  Bergeres chairs

bergère is an enclosed upholstered French armchair (fauteuil)[2] with an upholstered back and armrests on upholstered frames.[3] The seat frame is over-upholstered, but the rest of the wooden framing is exposed: it may be moulded or carved, and of beech, painted or gilded, or of fruitwood, walnut or mahogany with a waxed finish. Padded elbowrests may stand upon the armrests. A bergère is fitted with a loose, but tailored, seat cushion. It is designed for lounging in comfort, with a deeper, wider seat than that of a regular fauteuil, though the bergères by Bellangé in the White House (one illustrated) are more formal. A bergère in the eighteenth century was essentially a meuble courant, designed to be moved about to suit convenience, rather than being ranged permanently formally along the walls as part of the decor.[4]
The fanciful name, "shepherdess chair", was coined in mid-eighteenth century Paris, where the model developed without a notable break from the late-seventeenth century chaise de commodité, a version of the wing chair, whose upholstered "wings" shielding the face from fireplace heat or from draughts were retained in the bergère à oreilles("with ears"), or, fancifully, bergère confessionale, as if the occupant were hidden from view, as in a confessional. Abergère may have a flat, raked back, in which case it is à la reine, or, more usually in Louis XV furnishings, it has a coved back, en cabriolet. A bergère with a low coved back that sweeps without a break into the armrests is amarquise.[5]
Appearing first in Paris during the Régence (1715–23), the form reaches its full development in the unifying curves of the rococo style, then continues in a more architectural rectilinear style in the Louis XVIDirectoire, and French and American Empire styles.

John and I stayed at one little hotel for many years when we went to Paris - and there were 2 of these in the lobby - with our names on them lol - ( it was a small hotel so the owner knew everyone and he would say " Your chaises are waiting for you Suzanne )
I've been looking for 2 of them since then - with the double cushion specifically

I've been all over the web looking for ideas - here's a few that I've fallen in love with

Wouldn't this be great for John???  ( it's not happening - but wouldn't it be great lol ? )

                            Traditional Armchairs by Los Angeles Furniture & Accessories Lansky Studio

                             I think you could easily replicate this one with drop cloths !!!

                                                                                  Traditional Armchairs

                                            I never thought of velvet - but I love these !!!
                                                       Oh my gosh - they look comfy 


                                        Maybe I need to find a couple of matching ottomans?



This may be a job I'll only be able to tackle in a month or so - but just knowing I have them thrills
me !

The possibilities are absolutely endless ( kind of like this post ) 


Ok - this post could truly go on forever - I've found a new obsession I think - 
So I'll leave you with this - 
Circa 1800's
A high chair for a baby that converts into a tiny chair and table as they grow

Start them young I always say LOL !!!


I've started with the white ( surprise surprise !!! ) 1st coat - ASCP Pure White - the frame will go paris grey ( but that's not even written in stone at this point ) 

Oh and while I have the paint out - I might as well

Have a wonderful day everyone !

I can't get rid of it

White chalk paint dressers makeover

Sometimes that happens - I buy a piece to do over and sell and then I
Just.  Can't.  Get.  Rid.  Of.  It.....................

Painted country dresser

This is probably the first time I've bought a piece that had the perfect wood top......................
I did nothing to it - not even wax - because it's that perfect - beautifully aged maple.

and it compliments the pure white ( Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - Pure White )

I love that it's an understated piece - not fussy at all -
I only lightly distressed the drawers - I left the frame pristine

I didn't really have the space for it - at all - but once the slip covers arrived, I knew I had to find a place - so I tried different configurations - she ended up tucked into a corner - sorry dresser - this is NOT a time-out - I just have nowhere else to put you.

John says - well that's ridiculous - just sell it - what's the point of it being in the corner hidden away?


The point IS that I like her ( her name's Mrs. Jones )
And we have a thing going on.....................we both know that it's wrong
but it's much too strong to let it go.................
And I need to keep her
And if the only place I can find for her is tucked into a corner - well - I know ( I know I know I know she'll be there )
And sometimes that's all that matters.

Until the next one comes around that I absolutely HAVE to keep - and then Mrs. Jones is out the door
I'm not very loyal to furniture
Just selfish.

And that's why she's staying exactly where she is ( for now )

Here she was before - seller's photo

She lived with one family since 1945 - so she isn't ready to be flying all over the place anyway - this was a huge adjustment for her as it is

I may not be loyal to furniture - but I certainly have a heart !!!

Have a wonderful day everyone !
Big hugs,

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