Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Good morning everyone !

I'm torn with what to do for a dresser in the little " adult " guest room -

There's this one ( which I'd have to paint - and which is no problem at all )
Before and after HERE and HERE

I'd have to paint it - since it will NOT go with the Black/White decor................

There's such a lot of storage in this ( don't mind the " staging " - this photo was taking last year in the old house )

All those shelves - plus those 2 drawers - and another 2 on the bottom half  ( I would NOT paint those 2 interior drawers - I still like the miscellaneous lol )

IF I decide to go this route ( and I think I might - because there's something European about an oversized armoire in a tiny room - with a bed and chair  ) what color should I paint it?

Black ?  ( the floor will be white - so the contrast might be pretty )
( I think this is Restoration Hardware - but I'm not sure )

Or do I go White - with black accents along the lines of this one I did last year?  ( before and after HERE )

Or do I just go with this dresser instead? ( paint the handles black )
( before and after HERE )

Of which I have a matching little end table somewhere in storage ( hey - that would look great in my living room actually - gotta get that out of there LOL )
( before and after HERE )

I only list the links because I personally love to see how something looked before

Calling all comrades in arms - I'm absolutely torn here............................

Have a wonderful day
Much love,

I WANNA live there ...............................

Will return next week - because I spent far too many hours trying to make a (*&$R(*&@ Greek Key design around one of the windows in the second guest room .......................

I went through a roll of painter's tape and on to the second one before I just said #@&(@(*)& it.
I feel like a complete idiot -

Every now and then I'd let out a screech and John would ask what was going on
Nothing I'd scream at him - absolutely nothing -
( because that's exactly what was going on )

Either I'm very tired - or I seriously lack motor skills.
( I think I lack #*&$*()&$  motor skills - but we'll just say I'm *&$(*&$^%(  tired - because I DID do it once staging a *$&@(*&&$  house for sale )

This little room is driving me insane !
Like bat shit crazy ( as my friend Tina from What We Keep says ) click on the link to read a great post on keeping things in perspective - AND get a good laugh.

And if that weren't enough I can't get on to my blogger dashboard - it keeps telling me I don't have a google plus profile - %$^#*&

This quote by ERIC CARLE says it all

One day I think it's the greatest idea ever that I'm working on. The next day I think it's the worst that I've ever worked on - and I swing between that a lot. Some days I'm very happy with what I'm doing, and the next day I am desperate - it's not working out!

Have a wonderful day everyone !
I'll be in the guest room trying to %$^&#%  finish painting.