Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Friday Chat about This and That

So there I was at a comedy show - tons of people in the audience - and I find myself walking towards the stage door - where I talk the manager into giving me a chance to get on stage -  I start telling jokes and everyone just stares at expression -
I then start making faces and hopping around like a lunatic - again - no expression - until someone screams
" Get her off the stage "

Having no luck there - we moved on to a Karoke bar - and when I got up to sing people started leaving the bar................
And the manager came over and begged me to please stop.

I woke up devastated.
My dreams are getting weirder and weirder


Amazon stalks people................has anyone else noticed that if you're on Amazon looking at items - the next time you visit a blog - an Amazon Ad will pop up - WITH THE EXACT ITEM YOU WERE LOOKING AT !!!!!!!!!!!!
Please tell me some of you have noticed this strange occurrence and that I'm not losing my mind.


I had an email in my in-box advising me that I could put an end to embarrassing elections -
WTH?  I thought.
Elections don't bother me personally - ( although they SHOULD embarrass the politicians who participate ).
Then I realized the word was Erections.  I need to wear my glasses more often - how embarrassing.


I'm receiving an abnormal amount of emails from foreign women who apparently want to marry me.
They love my manliness and have always wanted someone like me.
I'm flattered but will have to pass.


I need a facelift ( just an observation )


Or at the very least an eye lift


When we were celebrating a 50th birthday almost monthly
Can it really have been 5 years ago?

and now - back to pressing details

Have a wonderful weekend everybody !

Much love,

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Good morning everyone !

I'm torn with what to do for a dresser in the little " adult " guest room -

There's this one ( which I'd have to paint - and which is no problem at all )
Before and after HERE and HERE

I'd have to paint it - since it will NOT go with the Black/White decor................

There's such a lot of storage in this ( don't mind the " staging " - this photo was taking last year in the old house )

All those shelves - plus those 2 drawers - and another 2 on the bottom half  ( I would NOT paint those 2 interior drawers - I still like the miscellaneous lol )

IF I decide to go this route ( and I think I might - because there's something European about an oversized armoire in a tiny room - with a bed and chair  ) what color should I paint it?

Black ?  ( the floor will be white - so the contrast might be pretty )
( I think this is Restoration Hardware - but I'm not sure )

Or do I go White - with black accents along the lines of this one I did last year?  ( before and after HERE )

Or do I just go with this dresser instead? ( paint the handles black )
( before and after HERE )

Of which I have a matching little end table somewhere in storage ( hey - that would look great in my living room actually - gotta get that out of there LOL )
( before and after HERE )

I only list the links because I personally love to see how something looked before

Calling all comrades in arms - I'm absolutely torn here............................

Have a wonderful day
Much love,

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