Saturday, February 13, 2016

Valentine's Day !

It's not a holiday I usually go all out for - we normally go out for dinner ( or not ) see a movie (or not)
John always buys me a card and flowers ( or not )  I make a special dessert ( or not )
It's pretty much hit and miss.

But this year I decided John wanted to buy me a dozen pink roses

And when I saw how much joy it brought him to do so - I decided to buy HIM some of my favorite flowers as well !

Then I found these chocolate covered chips - oh my gosh - I HAD to have them and so I bought them for John  ( sweet - salty - chocolaty heaven )

I bought him one of these ( on special ) also - just because

John says - What did you get me for Valentine's day?
John says - Well besides a white artichoke .................
Suzan says- Well !  If you don't like the white artichoke we'll call it mine - I love it
John says - Well that was the plan all along........
John says - Where are those chocolate chips you bought?
Suzan says - Oh - please don't eat them all - I really think I'm going to love them !
John says - So what did you get me for Valentine's day?
Suzan says - FLOWERS !  I bought you flowers - you don't sound very appreciative you know !

Later John put his coat on................

Suzan says - Where are you going?
John says - To the golf store
Suzan says - WHY?
John says - There was something there I know you wanted to get me.................

You see ?
After awhile you really DO know what each other wants without asking !

Have a wonderful weekend everyone -
CELEBRATE - even if your sweetheart is a furbaby - or your kids - or your parents - or a good book take some time to celebrate.
Sometimes the best goodies are the ones we buy ourselves - ( chocolate covered chips perhaps? )
And in my humble opinion Valentine's day is not about LOVERS - it's about LOVE.

Which I'm sending to all of you



Friday, February 12, 2016

A FRIDAY CHAT ( about this & that )

Good morning everyone !

Come in - come in - it's freezing out there !
They're calling for -18 degrees celcius today tomorrow AND Sunday - ( that's like 1.5 degrees in " American " )
We've been so spoiled this year with temps - winter basically started in January and it's been mild.
But it's winter.
And Montreal is in Canada.
And Canada is cold in the winter.
And we're already mid February so it's almost over anyway, right?

I posted a couple of photos on instagram on Wednesday ..............
A before and after of a wall in the kitchen that I painted black.
I did it while John was out for the day.

He came home.
He sat down at the kitchen table and looked at the wall ( well into space really but in the general direction of the wall )
And didn't notice anything.
I asked him to make me a tea - because the kettle is right where the black wall is - he made it and never noticed anything.
I made supper and called him in and he sat and ate and chatted away without noticing it.

Suzan says - I mentioned on Instagram that you wouldn't notice the change in the kitchen
John says - What the hell is Instant Grandma?
Suzan says - IT'S INSTAGRAM - how on earth did you hear Instant Grandma?
John says - WHAT IS IT?
Suzan says - You take photos and post them online
John says - I thought that was Blogging?
Suzan says - Different - it's completely different - anyway I PAINTED THE WALL BLACK AND YOU DIDN'T NOTICE !!!
John says - Oh !  I like it !  It looks great !

But I don't know how great he thinks it looks if I had to point it out to him.
_________________ computer last week and I've already had a virus that slipped through the anti virus thingamajig.
A week old.
My son in law fixed it because I'm too stupid to do that.
A new phone last week as well which I'm loving.
But that new camera I bought last summer?
Still can't use it.
It's hard for a brain to adapt to technology when all it really wants to do is go back to the 60's and have a pretty princess phone on my end table.

We had this one in the kitchen

 And this one in the hallway on a telephone table

Those push buttons were the epitome of new age and the bonus was you could kill anyone who broke into your home by throwing the phone at them !

To be honest with you my brain stopped fully understanding the mechanism after this one

Of course I've updated over the years but I don't " get " everything the new phones do.

Our business line ends with 666
2,666 have me in circles - Google plus
Page views for a day read 2666 way too often for me to be comfortable with

So whenever I do something stupid ( which is at least once a day ) I can say - quite literally
" the devil made me do it "

Like Flip Wilson's Geraldine !

You all have a wonderful weekend - this Instant Grandma's off to see Evan today :)