Friday, February 20, 2015

A Friday Chat ( about this & that )

Something I always wanted and never got
You have to be in your 50's to get it
You have to have been a comic book reader in the 70's to get it
You had to be a somewhat weird child to get it

They're the Who's of the " under water set "  and I contemplated ordering them every single time I saw them.
Look how dapper the MR looks - with his tail cleverly and strategically placed !

I did however wear a shackle around my ankle ( aptly named  " Footsie :" ) and hopped on one foot feverishly for hours and hours.

I can vividly remember one Easter - dressed in a little pink wool coat - with pale pink patent leather  Mary Janes - ( those shoes made the best clicking noises with a footsie ) and an  EASTER HAT - and as I was gaily hopping up and down on the pavement with that shackle, my hat fell off - which a mean boy jumped up and ran off with.
I tried to chase him but it's hard to run when you're in shackles - so I quickly took it off - and flung it in his direction where it promptly landed with a thwack across his forehead -

I was reprimanded for behaving in such an unladylike way - especially at Easter time -
but that mean boy kept his distance in the future.

You don't mess with a girl and her toys - unless you're a boy with numchucks -( nunchaku )
My Brother spent a good 2 years walking around the house swinging those harbingers of death around -
I was always terrified of it landing on my head...............but he stayed clear of me with them ( because of my footsie I presume )

Or maybe it was my :" clackers " that scared him off -

These were every bit as dangerous as " numchucks " if you knew how to use them !

I don't recall owning a " Flatsie "

But I can still remember the commercial to this day -

Flatsy Flatsy 
They're Flat and that's that 

I hated it because my brother mercilessly tormented me with that little jingle ................referring to my underdeveloped chest.................which was the main reason I never wanted the doll to be honest with you.
He ruined it for me

I DID however wear an imprisoned doll around my neck...................

Only letting her out in the evening for a little fresh air.

And I was a Barbie fanatic -
Clothes - furniture etc..................

One day I came in to find a Batman figurine laying on top of my Barbie doll !
In her bed !

I screamed - disgusted beyond belief - and whipped the Batman into the wall - breaking one of his arms off

( I obviously had an anger problem LOL )

My brother went crying to my Mother that Suzy had broken his Batman -
I cried back that Batman was laying on top of my Barbie

Batman and Barbie were punished - after my Mother fixed his arm - banished to God knows where for a week or two -

So were we. ( well not banished - but punished in that we couldn't play with our favorite toys )

My Brother kept telling me that wherever they were, they were surely kissing

In fact - THIS is what he sang to me the whole time


I realized I was fighting a losing battle - so when they came out of hiding I arranged a pretty wedding for the two of them - my brother agreed to it.

I had it all planned out - and they walked up a makeshift aisle - ( I think the JOKER was marrying them or maybe it was the PENGUIN - one of those diabolical men was the Priest anyway  )
and then - just when they were about to kiss - a sanctified legitimate kiss - Batman bonked her on the head.
Really hard.

Holy Violent Bridegroom !!!

MOMMY  -  I screamed - Terry almost broke Barbie

My Mother threatened to take them off us forever - so somehow they managed to co - exist.

As did my Brother and I.

( but between you and I - Barbie was always the more sophisticated and mature of the two )


My closest moments spent with my Brother ( before 2 more Brothers came along ) was climbing out of bed on Saturday mornings - making a bowl of Captain Crunch or Honey Combs - tiptoeing to the darkened living room and laying on the carpet with drapes drawn ( probably 6 inches away from the screen ) and watching cartoons - starting at 6 o'clock in the morning.
Our bonds were formed somewhere between The Jetson's and Tennessee Tuxedo.............

By 10 the drapes were flung open and we were enemies again - you can only lay beside someone on a carpet for so long before the torment starts.

Still - we always knew another Saturday was just around the corner ..................

Oh the wonders that I find
In the playground in my mind
In a world that used to be
Close your eyes and follow me
Where the children laugh and the children play
And we sing a song all day

( kudo's if you remember that song ! ) 

Ok enough about the past - let's talk about the future - does everyone know that Harper Lee has a new book coming out in July of this year?
For all of you that loved To Kill a Mockingbird - this one starts with Scout as an adult coming back from NYC and reminiscing with Atticus about the summer it all happened.
It was the original book she wrote - until the publishers ( at that time ) told her they were more interested in the summer she was remembering - hence To Kill a Mockingbird was born.

So it's a sequel that was originally a prequel LOL

I'm dying to read this ( TKAMB's one of my all time favorite reads )
It's available for preorder ( which I've done ) from AMAZON  ( affiliate link )
( one of the cheapest prices I've found on line actually - which is why I'm letting you know about it )

This is like discovering gold for me - very very excited !
I'll read TKAMB once again ( probably the 10th time ) just before I start the next one

What else?  Oh yeah !  I'm working on a dresser ( that's been sitting in the porch since we moved in - 

John says - Thank God you're finally painting that

Suzan says - Why?  You don't usually care ?
John says - Well you can sell it and make room in the porch
Suzan says - I'm NOT selling it - I'm painting it for our bedroom 
Suzan says - Don't be silly - I'm taking the one that's in there out and replacing it with this one
John says - So you're going to sell the one in our bedroom? 
Suzan says - No - I'm going to use that one for the downstairs bathroom as a vanity
Suzan says - In the porch, of course, there's room for it now that I've taken this one out of it.............

John promptly got up and left the room.

Which is best really - I like to be alone when I'm painting............................


I asked John to make supper the other night - while I painted

John says ( in a panic ) Let's order in 
Suzan says - No John - we have too much food in the house to order in - c'mon - you never have to cook
John says - What'll I make ?
Suzan says - Surprise me 
John says - You didn't take anything out of the freezer
Suzan says - There's breaded fish in there - we'll just have that
John says - How do I make it 
Suzan says - Read the box !!!
John reads the box and says - THERE'S NO INSTRUCTIONS - JUST INGREDIENTS 
Suzan says - Turn the box around 
John says - What vegetables should I cook ?
Suzan says - Asparagus please
John says - I have no idea how to cook them 
Suzan says - You cut the stems down and put them in a pot
John says - How much do I cut them 
Suzan says - Never mind, I'll do the asparagus
And while I was in the kitchen I cut the potatoes for the fries ( fish and chips ) and put the fish in the oven.
Suzan says - PLEASE watch that the fish doesn't burn 

About 20 minutes later I heard him mumbling ( cursing? ) in the kitchen 

John says - It's impossible to get everything ready at the same time

I went into the kitchen and finished everything up.

As we were getting up from dinner

John says - You're welcome 
Suzan says - For what?
John says - Well I made supper

And he believes he did.........................

So he obviously lives in a playground in his mind too 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone !
Love to all

Thursday, February 19, 2015

A cheap way to add some flair to a dresser

Good morning everyone !

I'm working on transforming a dresser right now - but didn't want to spend a fortune on knobs ( as in glass knobs which can easily add up to over a hundred dollars if there's a lot of them like on this one - 12 of them !!! ) so thought I'd show ( again - because I know I blogged about these a long time ago ) a frugal alternative.

These back plates are only a 1.29 from Home Depot

I LOVE them because they can easily be spray painted any color and can add such fun detail to any piece !

I spray painted them silver - and then dry brushed a little white on them and then sprayed the black handles as well -
and for 1.29 each  I have these

I've painted them pink in the past for a little girls dresser - gold a few times - and once in a coral color - it's a great way to add a little something - something to a dresser ( in a cost effective way )

For this dresser silver really seemed to be the way to go

Guess you know what I'll be working on today !

If I have to work on something white today - I'd rather it be furniture than the stuff that's hanging around outside lol

Have a great one everybody !