Sunday, January 5, 2014

Final Bedroom Reveal

Well you know it's only temporarily final, right?

I'm constantly changing things out anyway - but for now - when there's so much else to do in this place it really IS a nice respite ( kind of depressing stepping out of it in the morning mind you and being confronted with 8 other rooms that look like crap )

So first of all I painted the walls white - and then I painted the floors white ( after my son and son in law sanded them )

and then I painted out the window frames - which did not go with the vision I had of this room whatsover...............and wallpapered

And then the decorating started.
Ok so now I'm going to start with the photo I used to draw you in lol - of the chair I redid a few years ago - and which I came OHSOCLOSE to redoing a couple of months ago ( before we found this place ) I'm actually thrilled I didn't because it words so perfectly in this room.
I paid 25.00 for it on Craig's List - it was a brown wood chair - and had an orange and green and brown flowered velvet fabric on it - it was horrid.  I painted the entire frame grey and layered it with a white wash - then reupholstered ( and tufted the back with tiny silver buttons ) it in a black silk.
I put a little more grey in it last week so that there would be more contrast in it for this space - but It looks like it was made to go in this room!!!  The basket was a typical colored basket that I spray painted white for the bedroom in our last house.  The sash is overkill I know - I'm looking at it now and it looks like a basket girdle - it's being removed.  Those blankets inside the basket are Soda's - she sleeps on our bed - so one of them get laid down on top of our blankets before she hops into bed :)
I think they were 2.00 each at Ikea

For those of you that have been following this renovation job - a lot of these photos are going to be repeats - sorry about that!

I don't have an " even " space for end tables beside the bed - because the window is not completely centered - and if I had to try to center things out visually - I at least wanted the window to be centered to the bed.  I'm not sure I'll live with those tables for long - but for now it enables us to have a lamp on either side. ( I may install " swing " wall lamps on either side eventually ) but we're big readers so lighting off each side was a must.

Most of you have seen my nook ( and most of you know that I'm having a bench with cushions made - making it a real reading nook )

But you didn't see the little carpet I found to go there

I spray painted the wreath black

John says - Did you paint the bloody wreath?
Suzan says - Yes I did - I like it better now
John says - It looks like it belongs in a funeral parlor
Suzan says - PERFECT - save it for mine - thanks

The cupboard doors were brown bifold doors - I simply painted them white

and because it was too complicated to adjust regular glass door knobs - I used large glass drawer knobs that I only had to screw in

this is the only before I can find

I added some bling to the cupboard wall with this sconce I've had for years now

and I place my Paris sign on the opposite side ( which Julie from Follow your heart wood working made for me )  she does incredible custom signs - if you haven't seen what she does - visit her please - you'll want to order something :)

On the opposite wall of the cupboards I hung up two black and white prints I also had on hand

You really don't need to know how many holes I may or may not have made in the freshly painted wall to get them to hang even -
You don't even have to know that I actually used a measuring tape and still was off by an inch a couple of times - but I'll tell you anyway

anyway - they look even

I KNOW I had three of them once upon a time - must have given one of them away - if anyone knows who inherited it - can I have it back?  Please?  Thank you.................

I put the black and white dresser ( that I painted while packing ) in the room

I'm only showing you a part of it because it has a t.v. sitting on it - and I can't move it just yet since it's the only place in the house we can actually watch it from :)

But here's a photo of it that I took when I painted it - use your imagination a little lol - it really does work lol

( the funny thing is I painted it with the hopes of making it a Kitchen Island - but you know how things change ) You can see that makeover HERE 
Ok - what else?

Oh and then of course there's my ceiling light - found at Costco - while looking for shower doors -
I came home with the light - and no shower doors.................

I also found a black velour blanket / throw for 20.00 that I placed on the bench at the foot of the bed
Again, not sure about this

I always use black pillow cases for sleeping on - because I can't stand how dirty white ones get so quickly ( I shouldn't admit that, right?  No one likes to think of dirty pillows ) but they DO get dirty fast lol - so I've mixed white ones with them - which are the ones we DON'T use.
The " bird " pillows I've had a while - they were in the living room in the last house - and will be put on the reading bench in the nook when it's done - for now they're ok on the bed

and that's about it folks - my new bedroom -



Costs involved were as follows:

Curtains for nook ( I already had the ones in front of the bed )
( someone asked me for the exact color code - but I had already thrown out the packaging - and believe it or not I went through half the garbage before giving up - sorry about that - but they're from Target - and they're kind of a champagne color )
29.00 a panel - so 60.00

Overhead light - from Costco

Wallpaper - 49.99 a roll - ( I only needed 6 inches from the second roll - $*$(*&@ ) so

Primer for the floor - I used Zinsser Cover Stain -
30.00 x 2 ( It took 2 quarts ) 

Behr - Porch and Floor paint -

Rustoleum ( can - not spray - ) black for windows

Black " throw "

Small round rug

The rental of a floor sander ( if you rent it on a Saturday - it allows you 2 days for the price of one - since they're closed on Sundays )  It would have been far more cost effective to do more than one room at a time - but it just wasn't possible in this case - so I'll be renting it again next weekend for the office and the upstairs landing -

A Son and Son-in-law willing to do it for free - PRICELESS

So the total cost for this bedroom comes to just under 600.00 dollars - 
I did most of my " shopping " from items I already had on hand.

And this post might have taken longer to write up than the actual makeover did LMHO

The dream of an all white house is slowly becoming a reality except by the time I'm finished I'll probably be ready to change it out and add color !!!

Now I'm going to jump into bed - curl up - and watch DOWNTON ABBEY!!!

You all have a wonderful Monday -
Much love, ( can you tell I like this photo? )


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Little boys..............

For any of you that have one - that had one - that know one - that knew one - you know this.

They're destructive.
They love, for some reason, to take things apart.
I can't tell you how many toys my son would take apart and painstakingly try to put back together - sometimes he was successful -sometimes he wasn't - and he would look at me with those big blue eyes and sorrowfully say " sorry Mom - I thought I could make it better "

Sometimes I'd go a little crazy - toys were sooooo expensive - sometimes I'd scream at him ( is it ok to admit that?  I'm afraid I did too much screaming as a young frantic mom ) -   sometimes I'd laugh - sometimes I'd threaten to never buy him another toy as long as he lived - but always - and I mean always - I was amazed at what he could do at such a young age.  That his tiny hands could intricately take apart something and put it back together fascinated me

Brain surgeon I figured - those hands are a brain surgeon's hands!!!

When he got his first Lego collection - the first of hundreds I'm sure - he built the most elaborate buildings you could imagine - with detailing that would blow everyone away who would see them.

Architect I figured - that type of skill will build skyscrapers some day!!!

As he approached his teenage years - he would come up with the most elaborate stories to keep from getting punished - E.L.A.B.O.R.A.T.E.

Lawyer I figured - no one could get someone ( himself ) out of trouble like this kid could..............

Instead my little destructive boy came to me at just about the time when we should have been contemplating colleges and said

" Mom - I'd really love to be a mechanic "
" Oh Gordie - you'll never make much of a living doing that "
" But it's really what I want to do Mom - I mean really really what I want to do "

My brain surgeon - who built skyscrapers in his spare time - and defended the poor - working as a mechanic???
But somehow he took his lawyer skills and talked me into sending him to one of the best Auto Mechanic Schools in Montreal....................

Truly happy with what he does - and of course that makes Mama very happy at the end of the day.
Especially when he hasn't lost his love of destruction -
Meet the team who took care of the kitchen - and turned it from this - down to it's bare studs in roughly 5 hours..........................

While they were working - they laughed and joked and seemed to be having a blast - and for a moment I closed my eyes and went back in time - to that little boy with the big blue eyes looking up at me with a smile on his face and saying " look Mom - look what I did !!! "
And then I opened them and screamed at them to " please be careful " - because some things never change after all.

Mom says - OMG boys - you're incredible - really really incredible
Gordie says - don't listen guys - that usually means she wants more
Mom says - Gordie - that's not true !!!
Gordie says - Mom - you sooooo know it is
Mom says - Hurry up with this - you need to sand the upstairs floors :)

They also turned this floor

into this floor

enabling me to have this floor

Which was one horrid job let me tell you

Keep on destroying boys - love you all the more for it :)

Oh and by the way - I need you to destroy - smash apart - gut completely - this

Get your tools ready...............................
Because this needs to be installed

and though I'm very grateful for the light you installed

There's a slew of others waiting :)


Saturday, January 4, 2014

It's a mixed up muddled up shook up world

( except for Lola - EL O EL A - Lola )

Yesterday was -40
Monday it's going up to 4 degrees Celcius ( that's a balmy 40 degrees for you Americans )
And that's the way we roll here in Montreal lol - I'm going to get the pool ready...................

We're painting the kitchen and the living room this weekend - and I have to finish up the stairwell because baseboards and crown molding have to be put up everywhere next week.
The stairwell is almost done

John bellows out - Oh NO you don't
Suzan says - What now?
John says - I'm throwing those branches out in the garbage
Suzan says - What is it with you and branches?
John says - What is it with YOU and branches?
John says - I CAN'T STAND THEM
John says- They belong on trees - not precariously placed around the house ready to poke someone's eye out..................
John says - And while we're at it - I don't like them in the bedroom either.

But I'm not worried about a few branches - if these home reno's haven't killed us - nothing will

You can read about his aversion to them HERE

I think what he meant to say was -
Wow Suzan - great job - it looks 100% better now - but that sentence got caught in his throat somehow..................

If you notice, the first 4 steps are slightly wider than the balance ....................
I have huge plans for those 4 steps - and they don't include branches - stay tuned!!!
( John is totally unaware of this new development that came to me like a dream )

Isn't paint the most marvelous invention like ever?

Have a wonderful weekend all - if it weren't so cold out I'd run outside and cut up some more branches lmho.............

Much love,

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Surely my Ancestors had a choice?

They did not HAVE to settle in Montreal ( although on my Mother's side the large Irish population here at the time must have had something to do it )

What were they thinking?
Was this a conversation that was happening around the dinner table?

Husband - Not potatoes again, listen lass, I'm fed up to here with potatoes
Wife - Well it's potatoes or nothing
Husband - That's it - we're setting sail for Montreal - at least we can throw a hot dog in the mix
Wife - What's the weather like there?
Husband - A wee nippy - but nothing we can't handle


MINUS FORTY........................

I'm terrified to go outside - in case one of my limbs just snaps off.

I'm terrified to go outside - in case my eyeballs turn to snowballs

I'm terrified to go outside - in case my blood freezes and I fall down like a piece cardboard

I passed by a Snowman last night - and I swear to you - I heard him mumbling

Suzan says - Excuse me?
Snowman says - This is just ridiculous
Snowman says - I need a hot chocolate
Snowman says - Can ya fix my scarf for me - I'm freezing my carrot off

I'd cry - except I've been cold so long - I'd be crying icicles instead of tears (the singer Meat Loaf must be from a cold climate - only someone subjected to this crap could come up with such a great line )

For those of you that follow, you know how I feel about squirrels - ( you can read about my near escape from death by squirrels HERE)  but if one of them showed there little face around here today I'd invite it in for a cup of tea and a muffin - NOBODY - NOTHING should be out there.  Period.

I was going to make something to eat - but bought an Eskimo Pie instead - seemed more fitting.

Does anyone know where I can pick up one of these?  ( maybe in pink? )

Electri - O - Phobia
The overwhelming deep rooted fear of losing power during a cold " snap "

Butane - O - Phobia
The overwhelming deep rooted fear of running out of butane for the fire place during a cold " snap "

I placed the furniture in the living room yesterday - leaving 2 beautifully ( perfect ) gouges in the freshly done floor.

John says -

But I'll tell you there's no easier way to forgive yourself than have your better half mad at you for the same reason - it cancels it out entirely

The walls aren't even painted and I'm ready to decorate lmho

It's coming - ( like a slow train to China - but it's coming )
I really just wanted to see how the furniture would fit - the magic will only happen once it's finished.
BUT when you've been living out of boxes for a month - trust me - just having couches in the room is magical in and of it itself:)

And this week I'm extremely grateful for that fireplace - let me tell you!

If you're in Canada or the Northern States - I sympathize - stay warm - please.
If you're from the Southern States - NO GLOATING - it's bad enough you were lucky and had
ancestors who actually " thought " before getting on the boat - there's no need to rub it in :)

Time to sign off - a hot chocolate is waiting for me


Conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative.
Oscar Wilde  

But it's just too cold to use my imagination Oscar - if you lived here - you'd get that.

Have a great day !!!
Much love,