Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Someone Put a Curse on Me..................

There are quite a few options here - first of all I have a strong Irish heritage - and my grandmother believed in all of that stuff - she told me once that someone had put a curse on our family ( probably a century ago )

Sometimes my ankles do hurt, wow I never put 2 and 2 together

Then there's Voo Doo - a Haitian belief - I live in Montreal and there's a large Haitian community here because we are a french speaking province - did I piss a Haitian off recently?

Sometimes I get sharp jabbing pains in odd places on my body - OMG - is someone jabbing pins in a makeshift Simply Vintageous Suzy Q body?

Then there's the Italian Evil Eye - and I did have words with an Italian customer last winter who basically wanted what I was selling for 1/2 the price - I couldn't do it - and she got quite upset with me -

 I don't know which one it is - but it could possibly be that all three have been placed on me...................
 because I can't sell a damn thing!

 In the winter - when you'd think it would be more difficult things were flying out the door -

 Does anyone know how to reverse any of the above, lol

 I don't think it's the Irish Curse - too old now already
 The voodoo doll is probably far fetched because I have not offended a Haitian ( to my knowledge )
 But the evil eye?
 That woman was a bitch - yeah - think I'm going with that!
 How long do these curses last, lol???????

 I can live with the sharp jabbing pains from time to time
 I can live with sore ankles


 p.s. really just joking

 sort of.........................

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Welcome to Montreal, my home sweet home

Or a small part of anyway..............right now the Jazz Fest is in full swing so we are in full tourist mode here -
We decided to walk down to Old Montreal late this afternoon and I decided to take a few pics so you could join us...................
Pls bear with me - I am not a photographer ( in fact I suck completely )  but hopefully I've captured a little of what this section of the city looks like...............

So we begin our walk along Dorchester which quickly turns into Rene Levesque.....................here we go.

I snapped this photo because it's one of the hotels I always recommend and it's in the beginning of our " route "

not a boutique hotel - but neither is it one of those big conglomerate impersonal hotels ( that I really
hate staying at ) it's the perfect size - and close to everything without being on top of everything and
very affordable.....................Next up is the SunLife Insurance building - had to snap a photo of that
because I know you're all wondering where my first " real " grownup job was back in the day - it's a
beautiful building ( beware  you are going to be bombarded with Architect - if it's not for you it's ok
to leave my post, lol - but if it is you're in for a treat - even with my shitty photo skills )

and a closer look

and across the street from that is this.....................

Montreal is a city of Churches - If I remember correctly we have more churches per capita than any other
city in North America - one day I'll do a tour of them because there's some pretty amazing architecture involved.

and see that sign peeping out at the top left hand corner - you can make out Elizabeth?

it's this

Where John Lennon & Yoko Ono had their famous " bed in " in the late 60's

Ok we still have quite a way to go - let's move it - John is getting aggravated with me for stopping and
taking pictures on every corner..............I wish I could post everyone of them but I'm afraid you'd leave and never come back - I took 92 photos today, lol

found this corner stone that I never noticed before - not so interesting - but directly beneath it
lays this stone

1864 - there's some old buildings in this here neck of the woods.

and here's the sign I've been waiting for Vieux Montreal - Vieux Port - translation
Old Montreal - Old Port - we're on our way!!!

another Church peeping out of a garden -

pretty flowers - unfortunate name for a restaurant - but actually that's the name of the street
Beaver Hall - my kids used to pee their pants at this name when they were teenagers -
but when I was a kid a beaver was a beaver for god's sakes - a little animal with big teeth -
and an embarassing symbol for Canada even then.................now? It's horrible - sounds like
the name of a strip bar, doesn't it, lol

This is the Victoria Square Metro station - Paris presented this as a gift in 1967 for the brand
new opening of Montreal's metro system - I LOVE THAT WE HAVE THIS IN MONTREAL.

And now we are officially entering Old Montreal - are you still with me? Are you bored? Is this
too much like someone showing off baby pictures?

and here is where the architecture takes me away ( much like calgonite used to )

The doorways to much of the shops and restaurants look like the above

these niches are all over the city actually - this would have been
where the " caleches " ( horse and buggies ) would have went through ( much like Paris has )
sometimes you'll find little terasses hidden in them today
you can see they go right through to the back
restoration hardware type benches?
against a century old building?

a close up of the gate

There lots of curved buildings ( again like Paris ) 

our beloved " caleches " there are tons of them 
riding alongside cars - this is the first pink one
I've seen - had to snap a photo - 

cobblestone streets - pls bring flipflops or running shoes when
visiting Old Montreal - 
Although when I was younger I used to wear spike heels and
somehow manoeuver my way around these streets- at 53 I need flip flops,
and on a funny note - there was a young couple ( tourists ) and the 
husband was pointing out to his young bride what all the building were.
" this " he said " is the original city hall...............
No, John advised them, that's just a bank, lol
But it may just be the original Bank of Montreal I believe.

a little square where you can rest your legs - this is one major
walking city
and I never noticed until today that yellowstone building in the

and across the street is the Notre Dame Basilica - 
my photos are so ridiculously inferior of this
majestic building that I am stealing the photos from 
Wikipedia so you can actually see this the way you should see this

at night


this is where Celine Dionne got married - 
it can quite literally take your breath away when you step inside

Now we're headed towards Jacques Cartier Square - is anybody
still with me here, hello? It's almost finished I swear - my feet 
are KILLING me - and John is getting very crabby - and telling
me no one wants to see these pictures - and that I always go

even Ben & Jerry's is too adorable for words

Ok - now we're going to stop at a terrasse for a bite to eat and a cold beer - 
the entire street is one long terrasse with many different restaurants - railings separate each one

and 2 of the sweetest boys visiting from Illinois - for the International ( though it's American really )
Engineering Convention - they are both students - the poor boy in bandages had an accident on a bixi
( our bike rental company - they're all over the city )  his legs - arm - and chin - all needed to be stitched
up - lovely souvenier to take home, don't you think - but we had so much fun talking to them.............
all while a street performer sang Neil Young songs - most of the diners in all of the restaurants sang along -
Hi Adam - bet you forgot my blog address!!!!

This is the only photo John approved - it's where Lord Nelson stayed when he came to Canada -
Nelson Schmelson I say.....................but now you know where he stayed. ( the building with the blue
roof ) but it has the most gorgeous garden patio in the back

artists row - beautiful paintings of Montreal -

doesn't this look like a prison? this is where bad
tourists go -
we put them in restaurant prison
so pls be nice when visiting

St Paul St - an incredible narrow strip of restaurants - art galleries and pubs - a must

ok - getting too crowded now - let's walk down the road to the Old Port..............

can you see that " bubble " in the background - almost like a moon setting? That's the U.S.
pavillion from Expo 67 - still standing......................... the tents to the left hand side will house
some of the Just for Laughs festival - which begins when the Jazz Fest finishes - it's a city
of Churches - but a city of festivals as well - all summer long...........so while half the city is
praying - the other half is getting drunk and dancing on tables
CORRECTION - John just told me those tents house Cirque du Soleil ( but it used to be
Just for laughs I swear ) did you know that Cirque du Soleil's base is in Montreal - it all began
with 2 street performers - and one giant dream.....................

along the port

So what do you think - did I bore you to death - are my photos lousy - or were they able to entice
you just a little into visiting Montreal -

some terrasses are right on the sidewalk and can only hold a couple of tables -

some only have room for 1 table for 2

some are hidden behind wrought iron gates

and most are sprinkled with fairy lights like this

Sooooooooooo, whatcha waiting for?

If you want a taste of Europe without leaving North America - come on down ( or in most of your cases - come on up ) I'll be waiting

Bring your flipflops,


John - wait for me - I'm coming - stop walking so fast - I can't catch up -
Ok yes I promise no more photos.................