Tuesday, January 17, 2012

All things Paris...............

I used to go on business - every year - but business has not been so great for the last couple of years so John has gone on his own - I am definitely going this September ( even if I have to sell every piece of furniture I own, lol ) My memories of that incredible city include the following:

-Making it up to the top of the Eiffel Tower at midnight - the year they started lighting it with fairy lights every hour on the hour - and telling John, quick for God's sake - kiss me
-Laying down on the grounds of Ecole Militaire with a good book - and the Eiffel Tower in the distance.
-Falling asleep on a park bench and waking up not knowing where the hell I was - until the delicious moment I realized I was in Paree, ( how cool is that? )
-The Moulin Rouge ( enough said )
-Sitting in the oldest church in Paris ( no it is not the Notre Dame ) and feeling the history in my bones - thousands of notes taped to ancient pillars with messages for loved ones and writing a message to my Dad who passed away when I was very young - Hi Dad - it's Suzy - I'm here in Paris - and I am thinking of you.
-Sitting on our hotel bed eating baguette and cheese - with a St Emilion wine - which cost 2.50 euro ( unfreakingbelievable sooooooo expensive here )
-Walking along the Champs Elysee - and pretending I live there ( I actually do that everywhere I go - pretend I am a native -
-Every trip we go to the " L'entrecote " if you are ever in Paris - please please please go to this restaurant - always a line up but absolutely incredible. ( we used to travel for over an hour to get to it, for years and years and then one day walking to the Champs Elysee we looked down a side street and Voila - there was one right where we used to stay - lmfao - they are a chain - stupeed foreigners )
-The flea market
-Sitting outside with a blanket around me - drinking Chocolate Chaud ( this is the real thing folks ) at night at a bistro.
-The Louvre ( enough said )
-The Musee D'orsay ( enough said )
Buying vintage postcards on the Left Bank from an old man that I can see still in my mind
-Walking over the bridges in the rain - what an incredible city in the rain
-Going on a boat tour of the Seine with a mill we represented and telling my Mother during the mandatory presentation of fabric lines - " just pretend you work with us " omg - I can remember her face as she nodded approval each time a new fabric appeared - trying to look like she knew what was going to work for the new season - priceless.
Getting lost my first time there - all alone - and not feeling afraid - I walked for at least 4 hours until I found my way back to the hotel ( and purchased the most amazing ring from a small boutique somewhere along the way )
-Taking the funicular up the mountain at Montemarte - what a breath taking part of the city - to be looking down at all the wonderous landmarks below
-Drinking Citron Presse (  a beautiful way to say Lemonade - for years I walked around saying Citron Presse s.v.p.)
-The cemetary in Montmarte - I know that sounds gruesome - but it is one of the most peaceful idyllic spots in Paris very similar to the cemetaries in New Orleans - all above ground ( google it - like the rest of Paris it is an outdoor museum
-The year I went with a girlfriend - she had never been - and I can honestly tell you that Paris is not only for lovers - it can simply be with someone you love, what an incredible experience, life changing moments sitting at a cafe in St Germaine de Pres (at the Cafe de Flore where Hemingway used to sit! ) for hours and hours laughing and crying and even arguing a little bit ( so parisien n'est pas ) listening as she made decisions that were painfully hard to make - soul connecting moments that I will treasure always.
My favourite city. Period.......................

And just in case you don't believe me lol here are some memorabilia I have around the house

very large photo in my office from IKEA

again from IKEA - I think I sat on one of those benches!

picked up from a second hand shop for 25.00 water paint of Champs Elysee circa 1950's love love love this one
oil painting of Paris
too cute - I make my Chocolat Chaud in these - lol
xmas decorations I found one year - cheap - perhaps a dollar and used them on gifts
soap dish - but too pretty for soap? it's in my dining room

purchased in Toronto - was originally a brown/brassy color - nothing is safe from Suzan's paintbrushes
A painting I bought in Montmartre - oil on canvas - this is really beautiful - the pic does not do it justice

had it signed in case he becomes the next Picasso lol ( hey you never never know )

xmas gift from my son - because after Paris - comes New York - perfect gift for his Mom

And lastly this wallpaper I bought last year - count to 10 - hold your breath - because this is the most spectacular wallpaper in the world - it should win an Oscar - the Queen should make it a Duchess - it is so special to me ( think gold bricks ) that I have not put it up yet - me. Miss Mad Compulsive - is taking her time because this has to be in the perfect location.

It is wrapped up like it is the crown jewels - couldn't you just die? Well maybe that's a bit strong I suppose - but I could swoon and maybe faint -

Adieu for today - mes amis -


I love chairs

I have a thing for chairs -
Actually I have a thing for everything.............lol but I really do love chairs -
This one is my favorite redo

I don't have a before - but it was god-awful - dark brown chipped wood - orange and brown and green floral velvet upholstery - but it was 25 dollars - and I knew I could do something with it - AND - after I had finished it I started seeing the finished product everywhere ( same painted color - same black fabric - same tufting and I swear to you I did not have an inspiration photo of this!!!! ) Elte Furniture has a very similar one for aprox. 500.00 dollars.  It did not have tufting on the back originally and that makes it I think.

This is my next chair

Not nearly as ugly as the one above one was - actually it's kind of pretty ( if not a little boring ) -  not sure what I will do with it yet - but I really do love the back.

BTW - the pretty dresser and mirror are mine ( all mine ) being picked up on Saturday!

And I have emptied out the buffet/hutch - the lady is coming today to pick it up so have been scouring CL and Kijiji trying to find another. I absolutely cannot leave an inch of space uncovered ( part of the sickness, don't you know? )


Monday, January 16, 2012

A little chat - about this and that

This -
is an old rattan ottoman/storage I have had for many years - and it has definitely seen better days - it was brown, than I painted it black - and now I have painted it silver - maybe a little too flashy?


is the newest dresser I am trying to purchase ( advertised as not in pristine condition )
and it comes with this!  Is it normal to get so excited about furniture? 

Oh yes - and a 2nd person contacted me about the buffet / hutch - the email reads
" hi for 50$ i will be interested thanks "
Don't know whether to laugh or cry at that, think I'll laugh because it really is a joke.
On another note, we have a new supplier for ASCP opening here in Montreal ( not sure when though ) - great news because although I have a wonderful supplier already she is in Bath, Ontario ( THE MELON PATCH 
check out her store - just google the name)
I will at least save on shipping fees - the paint is so expensive that I will take any savings I can get.
 Have started on this,

and think I will do this again ( it sold so quickly - maybe it's a winning formula!!! )

and that's all for now folks ;)


Sunday, January 15, 2012


On December 10th - I posted the following sentence....................

" we don't have much snow here in Montreal to date, and although everyone seems to be thrilled with that, I
miss it around this time of year "


facing my house

  And from the Weather Network:

" Montreal removes snow from 4100 kilometres of streets and 6550 kilometres
 of sidewalks - the equivalent of the distance between Montreal and Beijing."

That is aprox. 6500 miles of snow - now we're talking winter in all it's glory.
God I would love to put enormous silver balls on those trees - ( sorry I see
potential glitz in everything I suppose, but wouldn't that be totally amazing? )


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Never can say goodbye

It's a strange process, this restoring furniture business - you find a piece that most people would think is garbage and you very lovingly breathe beauty back into it - hoping someone else will see what you see when it's finished and want to purchase it.  Then you list it and patiently wait - if no one is interested it's extemely disappointing and you cannot help but take it a little personally since it is your vision and creation that is being rejected. BUT EVEN WORSE for some strange reason - is when someone is actually interested in it - and you have to let it go.
This pc sat in my dining room in its original state for far too long - and I started second guessing my decision to buy it in the first place - until finally I had no choice but to tackle the elephant in the room ( which is clearly what I remember saying at the time )  It was ugly.  Period. And I had a little anxiety over it because I usually do dressers and this was sooooo big.
Somewhere in the transition I fell in love - not surprising if you do this type of thing - every piece becomes my favorite when it's finished -
Anyways, I listed it last night - and someone wants to come see it - and all of a sudden I am panicked - how can I let it go?  Where will I put everything I have inside ( the bottom storage is amazing ) It looks so pretty where it sits and everyone went on about it at my xmas party.  I LOVE IT NOW, and I may have to say goodbye to it.
I asked John what we should do - "SELL IT" he says, "that's what you buy these pieces for, isn't it".
Yeah, that's what I buy these pieces for,

But why do I have to fall in love each and every time?

This was painted with ASCP - paris gray - handles were spray painted with Krylon mettalic brilliant silver.
I removed the decorative panels on the top ( big swirly thingamajigs that simply screwed off )


linking up to Debbie Doo's - Better After and Miss Mustard Seed ( and still not even sure if I am doing it correctly!!!!! )  xxx

Friday, January 13, 2012

There's going to be some yellng happening at my house on the weekend

I have a sickness - undeniably.
I have no business going on craig's list - our storage unit is full to capacity - and there is not a square inch of space to put this in our house - but it's a great deal and the potential for it to be pretty spoke to me louder than John can ever yell.........................so I bought it and it has to be picked up on Saturday - knowing full well that it is slow right now with the holidays just finishing - things are not selling!
And this is where the sickness comes in - I told him it will definitely fit in the trunk - all the while knowing it definitely will not - because in my mind we can put it on the roof of the car ( oh God help me - this is going to be such a scene when we get to the house and he sees it )
Wish me luck everybody!!!!!
(  and I am still not finished the white dresser, lol )


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shopping day

I could have bought a purse which I really really need
or a cool pair of runners to bring me up to speed
I could have bought a necklace - a bracelet or a ring
I could have found a c.d. to make me want to sing
I could have bought a book or two perhaps even three
or a brand new pair of glasses so that maybe I could see
A designer dress or jeans or top - a jacket would be nice
even just a pretty scarf or earrings would suffice
Of all the things a girl could buy - to bring a little bliss
I went out to shop a bit
and then came home with this

and I am thrilled - lmao

seriously folks - I highly recommend this -and know it will make my life a lot easier - great great sander - fits in the palm of your hand - low vibration - bet you're all jealous now...............!!!


Monday, January 9, 2012

Sneak Peak

I am not quite finished - but I couldn't resist showing a tiny piece of it.

First I painted the border black - and it looked too stark - so have repainted it in a silver - I have a lot of touch ups to do - the legs have not been secured - and have to put bolts in the top drawers because the handles do not fit properly on that one AND there is still a design I want to incorporate on it - just do not know what or where yet ( well I have several ideas - just have to wait and see which idea pushes all the rest out of my brain - it's sooooo crowded in there )

Here we go

and a reminder of how it was before

I have to retape and repaint the border - I had taken the drawers out to paint - big mistake - so tomorrow I will fix that - they won't look the way they do now - they are a little crooked up close. Once that is fixed I can move on to my last idea.
But you have an idea sort of kind of in a way what it will look like when it is done................I love the little legs!

Better Debbie , n'est pas?


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sitting on the fence...................

I was overly ambitious on the last two dressers I posted about - thought I could have both of them done by tonight - well...........................
I am only half finished one of them - so it will still be awhile yet - but here are the legs I picked up today
( yes Rebecca - they most definitely needed legs, lol )

I bought 4 finials for fence posts ( they were either 2.88 or 3.98 can't remember because I bought another
type for another project as well) but pretty good price isn't it - considering they ask a fortune for proper legs and the shape of these look so pretty to me - they will soften the square lines of the dresser somewhat I hope.

The dresser is painted - I did not use ASCP this time - because I am going for a more glitzy look than an old world look - so it's a high gloss white - the drawers are next - ( I bought glass pulls )

Will keep you posted - right now there is a roast in the oven that is calling my name - I am famished - I tend to get lost in my projects and forget to eat ( hmmm that could be a good thing, escpecially after the holidays)


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Brain Freeze

Bad case of it - I have been looking at this dresser for a few days now - and I have no idea what to do with it 
blank blank blank - then I come up with 10 ideas - and then I torture myself on which of the ideas to go with - and then it happens again - brain freeze.  Far too much thought going into this one - it has no character - a straight square boring box and I should by now be seeing so much potential to create character - that is what
I claim I do - turn something shitty into something, well not so shitty - and sometimes even amazing.
To make matters somewhat worse I have 2 identical ones - and I need to get them out of here - hopefully
I can move my ass this weekend and turn these beasts into beauties.

I always boast that furniture speaks to me - and it always has until I found these 2 - their lips are sealed - in fact they are silently smirking - and they are thoroughly pissing me off, lol

I want both of them done and listed by Sunday evening - will post whatever I manage to do -
( I would not hold my breath if I were you )



Friday, January 6, 2012

Maybe I need this?

The dressers I tried to buy yesterday were sold to someone else ( it came down to who could pick up quickest - I lost )
Anyways now tonight I saw this on Craigs list -

It comes with 3 additional leaves - and I just love the curves - my fingers are crossed so tightly this time that I have pains shooting up my arms lol.
It comes with this

which is also gorgeous except I do not have room for it - look at the size of that baby!

So now will have to wait and see if they are willing to sell separately - guess I will have to sell mine,
which I really do love - but it does not have extensions - and 10 is a tight fit - I'm guessing this one
would sit 12 comfortably.

I hope this does not turn into a blog of things I'd like to have - and then find out they are sold.

Need some before and after shots for the new year!!!

I am painting 2 small dressers that have been in the basement for too long now - which will
be for sell, will post the before sometime tomorrow - thinking stripes again perhaps.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Newest finds????

Kijiji - take a look at these beauties - 60.00 each!!!  Have asked if they are still available - they may not be.

My fingers are crossed - you don't find deals like this very often................I so want this!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

and I want to paint it black..................

In my last house - my dining room was painted black - as well as 2 walls in the adjoining living room - I LOVED LOVED LOVED it - and am thinking about painting something black in this place - it's a very dark house so I have to be careful - but it is such a dramatic and elegant look.
Here is my last dining room

I waited until John was travelling to do it - because he was adamantly opposed to painting walls
black..................until he saw it - and then loved it -
It is not for everyone I know - but it is the only color I have ever painted a wall and not gotten tired
of in a year -
I think I will start with the wall above my mantel in this new place and see where that leads me.
This weekend!

Pics to follow


Monday, January 2, 2012

Affordable hostess gifts ( or party favors )

I have a christmas party every year for friends and always have a little gift on the place settings where the girls sit............something small - usually with a personal connection to each one...............one year it was a special ornament for each that I knew meant something special - an angel for a friend that was going through a rough time and holding up particularily well - another angel for a friend who had helped me throughout the year, an eiffel tower for someone who had been to Paris - a bird for a friend of mine that we call the " bird lady " ( she has 7 birds! ) and so on. However, the last couple of years I have been lazy and have given everyone the same, I still put thought and heart into it but they have been the same, none the less -

Here are some ideas I have put together - as well as the prices - beautiful gifts for well under 10.00 ( some well under 5.00 !!!!! )

Keep Calm and Carry on - miniature - frame from Home Sense (Winners in Canada -  T.J. Max in the States ) and printed the photo off the web..................this is soooooooo pretty and perfect for someone who is into home decor.
Total cost 3.99

Nut spoons - now I had never seen these before this year - a friend actually brought me one as a hostess gift and I then ran out and bought 7 of them as my party favors - bonus the store actually wrapped each one beautifully free of charge.  These are really elegant and pretty ( to stop grubby hands from going in your nut bowl ) and can be given alone - for a little extra cost you could wrap up the hostesses ( or guest ) favorite nuts, candies, even bath salts, etc.
Cost for spoon alone 6.99

Home made tea light holder - I love this!!!!!!!!!! My daughter is a student and did not have much cash this year so she made these out of  modelling clay ( from the dollar store ) and gave everyone a character she thought they would love - the ideas are endless on this one - paired with a bag of tea lights.
Total cost: 5.00

Tradition anyone?  Baked goods of course, but placed on this cookie plate and wrapped in pretty cellophane so that they have the plate forever!  This one is perfect for the holidays obviously -  but there are so many different ideas to gleam from this one - that they could even be given at a summer bar b que.
Cost for plate alone - 3.99 ( again Home Sense )

 Snowglobes!!!! I absolutely love them all - especially if you can find one that would mean something special to the person.  Here again the possibilities are endless - I have Paris and New York, 2 of my favorite cities. The one from N.Y. I picked up at Macy's a couple of years ago while there during the holidays - it cost 5.99 ( promotion ) and shows all the monuments associated with the city.  This one I picked up at Home Sense and shows the Eiffel Tower - this one was 9.99

Miniature xmas tree - this is the sweetest thing - it does not show well in the picture but it is really elegant.  Silver - with gold and silver balls...........all from the dollar store - 2 of them for each end of the table -
Trees were 1.25 each - decorations 1.25 a bag ( 2 each ) 
Total costs - 5.00

Ornaments - given as a pair - I fell in love with these little penguins - they are white with sparkles all over them - silver ribbon tied through the loop holes woud give them an elegant touch - pretty gift especially if you can find out what your guest or hostess loves, cats, puppies, etc
Total cost - 8.00

Miniature cook books - given on their own - or with:
mixing spoons ( dollar store )
Long pasta wrapped in ribbons and bows or a jar filled with penne
Straining Spoon
Cost of book - 3.99 ( from Chapters - Canada - Barnes and Noble - States )

AND MY ALL TIME PERSONAL FAVORITE..........................ta da

A book you have read and thoroughly loved - with a personal inscription
From Suzan's library - no return necessary - happy reading - with love
Paired with a bookmark
Total cost - 3.00 for bookmark

Ok - I have to stop - because the ideas are cramming my brain now and giving me a headache lol -
When you reach your 50's it hits you - I mean it really really hits you - that the cost of things mean nothing
It's the thought and the time and the love you put into things that matter - and they are the only things that matter.

So with love and thought and time - I wish all a wonderous 2012 - and hopefully someone can make use of one of the above ( and save a lot of money - tee hee )

as always,

Sunday, January 1, 2012

My horoscope for 2012

From Astrology.com  for Taurus........................better get my paint brushes out - quick

You're in stellar standing in 2012, especially during the first half of the year. You'll definitely feel like the 'It' sign, with Mars and Jupiter doing your bidding. Your creativity is off the charts with the action planet, Mars, running an extended six-month stint in your sector of self-expression. Mars will be retrograde during the first quarter, which could create the illusion that not much is moving forward - and yet you've never felt more creative and inspired. Trust that all your inner preparation will meet with great rewards and forward motion.

Neptune had been causing some confusion about your professional identity over the past few years, but now that it will be leaving your career sector for good in February, clarity - if not a major epiphany - is coming. Write everything down, because breakthrough ideas will come like flashes of lightning and will be as easily forgotten as fast as they come. It's time to translate all the gifts of inspired creativity and vision that Neptune brought you over the past several years into flourishing future plans. The tragedy would be to keep all of these gifts locked up as mere potential.

When the big eclipse points hit your money and talent sector this summer, you'll see another huge wave of changes unfolding over the latter half of 2012. And since you can be the most stubborn of all signs when it comes to embracing the new, you may actually welcome this colossal cosmic push. There is no going back, Taurus - you're destined for bigger and more glamorous things (with many of them likely involving extensive travel). La Dolce Vita, baby!

Time to pack it all away?

The thought is exhausting really - here is what has to be taken down and carefully wrapped and schlepped into storage................so long Joe, you gotta go,

( George Carlin would have had a blast with me and all my " stuff " )