Thursday, September 8, 2011


I usually buy flowers every week for the house - last weekend I selected several different types and made the following arrangements - everything in total came to 30.00 - amazing


living room

dining room



                                               AND GERBERAS FOR THE KITCHEN
(in a leftover wine bottle lol )

 I love having them to look at wherever I am in the house, it's like everchanging artwork -
at an incredible price.  Took the pics a few minutes ago - so they have been in vases for 6 days now and still look like I just bought them!

Take time to smell the roses..........................


Monday, September 5, 2011

Offer accepted for the " secretary " desk - it's MINE

She is all mine!!!!!!!!!!!

This has a perfect spot in my home and will not be sold - it is so pretty - John and I keep walking by it and
stopping for a moment to look at it, again and again.

Here are some gorgeous secretaries that inspire me to do something really special...........

and finally my favorite of all...........

and although this is much more substantial than my little one - this is the finish I am going for - an
antique white/gray...............