Saturday, February 23, 2013

Painted floors Part Deux

Hi All!
Most of you know I live in a 100 year old Victorian Row House....................
Full of character?  check
Full of charm?  check
Full of history?  check
Full of sunlight?  nope - can't check that box off
The middle and back end have a " courtyard " type of thing where the building stops being connected
to the neighbours - and because it's a " courtyard " type of thing it makes our bedroom - which is smack in the middle of this " courtyard " type of thing very dark.
When I decided to paint the bedroom floor it was to cover up the ridiculous job that had been done prior to our living here ( see HERE ) I never thought for a moment it would brighten up the room as much as it's done
It's still, not by a long shot, flooded with light but it feels a lot brighter none the less.

paintied floor, white, polyurethane, behr,

I'm in the process of painting our dressers white - because I am determined to fool mother nature at her own
game ( plus deal with the shade from that " courtyard " type of thing )
Looking much better, isn't it?  I was going to paint the walls - but now that I see the white against the blue I'm liking the it's staying and it's one less job for me to do.
I'm hoping to have the house back in order for Monday morning - and I've reached that point -
You know the one just before total despair at the monumental task you've taken on - and the moment
you realize you absolutely positively made the right choice?
Yeah, that one - that's where I'm at.....................
And boy, does it feel good!
Pretty soon I'm going to need sunglasses to walk in there :) despite that " courtyard " type of thing......................
I'm on the computer till 7 a.m. - I am soooo behind on replying to emails - and then I'm computer free for the rest of the day - HAVE to get organized here!  Yesterday I truly felt like one of those people from Hoarders as I was rummaging through dresser drawers in the living room looking for a pair of clean underwear............
Have a great Saturday

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  1. Suzan it looks lovely,We put skylights into our 100yr old semi. They have brought in so much light. The one in our bedroom has shutters over it. We have a long pole to open and close them. I love old homes but the light issue,got to me a bit,but now it's great. :)

  2. I think the painted floor is a great idea. My husband would not.

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  4. Looks just great Suzan! I would love to do this in my loooong corridor or the staircase where there is little natural light. BUT my husband would go nuts if I even breathed about 'painting floors'. Putting up pictures on the wall is a compromise enough for him. His exact words…'Am I living in an art gallery??!!!' LOL!

  5. They are beautiful! I love white floors.

  6. oooh I love it, I have been so surprised as to what white walls have done here in my own cave. Can't wait till the floors are done!

  7. Nice job Suzan! It's well on it's way to being wonderful! Looking forward to seeing everything finished and back in place. (Glad to know you were looking for clean underwear!!?!!)

  8. Love painted floors! Most of the floors in my house are painted. The white is beautiful and I like it with the blue walls.

  9. The "light" at the end of the tunnel, pun intended, lol! Wow, I'm totally loving the floor! It looks fantastic with the blue. (No little paw prints this time?)


  10. Really love the painted floor-it does brighten everything.
    AND I say clean underwear is overrated-just kidding ;-)

  11. Ha! I notice you didn't say you FOUND a pair of clean underwear!;>) That floor looks fabulous and I can see it has a sheen to it so I take it you went with a semi-gloss or glossy finish. You will not be sorry you did that because it is so easy to clean and it will not mar up like the matte finish (ask me how I know this). Plus, it reflects even more light. I am loving the blue with the floor-and you don't have to paint walls! Yay~ Have a good day and we'll see you tomorrow or sometime after midnight- xo Diana

  12. Suz, I am loving the brightness of the room too, the floors look amazing. I recently added white accents to our room, curtains, mirror and bedspread and I could not believe how bright it made the room look. Our window looks at the wall of the garage, not a great view and very dark so I can relate. A courtyard would be a much nicer view for sure. Can not wait too see the room all finished, I know it will look amazing. Don;t worry about the chaos, the calm after the storm is coming. hugs Tobey

  13. It's looking great so far Suzan! Can't wait to see it all put together (no pressure ;)) - Susan

    1. Thanks so much Susan!
      Hopefully tonight I'll be sleeping back in my bed ( except I decided to paint that too )

  14. The floors look lovely and nothing beats crisps white and blue. So your underwear is in the living-room and where do you sleep?

  15. It's looking great! I love a white painted floor!

  16. It's stunning! I've read your last post and you made really me smile! I'm like you... thousand project started and a lot of mess everywhere! But a creative woman is soooooooo interesting =)
    Thank you for your visit, you are welcome!

  17. Can I just say that I hope all the underwear in your drawers are clean ones.


  18. Congrats on getting that floor done. I take it there was no sanding off the first few coats before they appeared this beautiful. I have never been tempted to paint my floors, but now I have a teensy twinge that maybe, just maybe, the foyer needs it. Don't tell Chucks!

  19. That post you linked to was funny!

    I like our painted floor though it is cement with epoxy. It's shiny. I think shiny is good because it will be easier to wipe.

    1. lol - thanks
      I was painting white so epoxy was out of the question ( yellows too quickly ) otherwise that's what I would have used!

  20. Hi Suzan!!

    It looks great!! Starting to come together. It'll look great once the room is put together.

    Did you find your underwear? Are you going to try to find your jeans and a shirt also, because going around in only your underwear might get you a chill. LOL

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!


  21. The floor looks great I cant wait to see it with all the furniture back in where I am sure it will look stunning-love dee x

  22. It looks fantastic, Suzi. And you're right about the blue - it's perfect. Can't wait to see the final reveal with the dressers painted white.

  23. I love the blue too. The white floor looks fantastic. I have been wanting to paint our bedroom floors but I am always greeted with an overall "no" from the gang here.

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  26. (sorry for all the deletes long post had spelling etc issues)

    Yes sometimes it really hard to make light when there is not enough light. I found going with the rich darker colors is better and flowing with cozy and warm mood soft lighting on all day.

    But if not.....

    Have you thought of trying some hidden indirect lighting that is UV color correct florescence lights?

    I put 3 fixtures with 2 lights each in a small bedroom when I have winter depression. It seemed like a really bright bright sunny day in there. My friend who still does have winter depression heads in there all the time to read and hang out. In Sweden they have light rooms for people.

    Before that at my old house that was dark I put a fixture on the wall in the kitchen that had 4 foot UV color correct florescence lights tubes when decor didn't matter and when I went into the room or scanned my eyes across it it felt like a window.

    Maybe you could come up with a clever way to make a faux window that would look like sun streaming in through the curtains or clear leaded glass with rice paper or sheers on it when the light was on....who knows you could invent a cool thing??!!! 4 foot lights when decor didn't matter and when I went into the room or scanned my eyes across it it felt like a window.

    I bet you could come up with a clever beautiful way to make the faux window that would look like sun streaming in through the curtains or clear leaded glass with rice paper or sheers on it when the light was on....who knows you could invent a cool new thing??!!!

    1. No actually in that guest room there are 12 Florescence lights. It is a sunny day when the lights go on in there!! I just went to to work out and counted them.

  27. Your floor looks amazing Suzan!!! Can't wait to see it with the furniture all done too!

  28. Where are Soda's paw prints? I thought maybe you would make them into a feature of the room....

  29. This is looking great - definitely making things brighter! Thanks for stopping by!

  30. The floors look great Suzan! I need to do this in our bedroom too. I painted all the upstairs floors except ours. I read your floor post, and we have the same patched floors in our bedroom!! Spooky! I'm hoping paint will do the trick for us too.

  31. awesome awesome awesome i like to repeat lol love the floors


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