Monday, June 4, 2012

An award pour moi!!!

Sarah from Imperfect Patina  awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award - if you feel like drooling please visit her site - her work is absolutely outstanding - once you're finished drooling you can come back here and learn 7 things about me.

1) I am a control freak in every aspect of my life - I try so hard not to be but I think it's a part of me
that I have to come to terms with -

2) I have the ugliest feet I have ever seen on a person, seriously, the ugliest, which is a problem in the summer, lol

3) I cannot do hair - I can paint a room 4 or 5 times in a week - redo furniture - whip up a meal in no
time - garden - you name it - but the act of using a blowdryer or a straightener leaves me a bumbling mess,
My hairdresser is my lifeline ( and usually can tell what I'm working on from the paint in my hair )

4) I have a problem finishing things -

5) I am in love with Anthony Bourdain -

6) I take on too much and always act like I can do it all, effortlessly, truth be told I live in a constant
overwhelmed state.

7) I don't like being 53 - wish I could embrace it and age gracefully - but just can't do it - although I never
lie about my age - I so get it that some women do.

Now the best part of this award?
Paying it forward of course......................

4 the love of wood is a complete source of inspiration.
Daily,  I cannot get enough of her work -

A girl and her brush does beautiful work as well -

A huge thanks to Sarah for thinking of me - I am humbled!



  1. Congratulations! Love it when people share these "realities" of life. I hope you can adjust to the age just gets better & better, I promise!


  2. Congratulations on your award, Suzy!
    I am now your newest follower, so I read a few post to get acquainted!
    I love your sense of humour!!!
    I have never been to Montreal but heard the food is wonderful!
    It was great to to read the 7 things about you!
    I can blow-dry my hair but I am BAD at doing nails, tweezing eyebrows, and that kind of thing... I need people to do it for me, lol!
    Nice to meet you!!!!


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